Art direction



Fike Air


project type Installation, Video

We live in a world where there is  a strong global and societal pursuit for self care. We witness wellness industry that capitalises  from that pursuits. 

Fike Air - a pseudo Nike Air - is a fake brand that is air-related. Coming from a real life experience of seeing colleague’s apple watch rang with a breathing notification, Fike Air elicits that even something simple as breathing can be commodified and branded. 


The video portion of Fike Air consists of the parts in found yoga footage where the instructor breathes in and out heavily. The short 2-3 seconds of the footage were kept in bubble forms and layered throughout a single collective breath. The circular shape from the video expands through all parts of the work as a visual device including the logo, and to the other installed objects.

As a ‘breathing’ company, the Fike Air logo represents the air bubble that floats around, alluding that the entire brand belief is intangible and vague. Having the logo floating at the corner of a screen, a welded structure is forever frozen in a downward dog position constantly breathing in and out. Surrounding the sculpture, there are gym balls and plant balls (what I call air-related functional objects) laying around that draw the audience into a conversation to a certain anxiousness that the rise in mindfulness/wellness culture seeks to tackle.