project type Video Art, Installation Art
year 2019

Can artists deviate from creating artwork with singular subjectivity?

Loop DEEPEST Fly started from an attempt to create an artwork that is not coming from a 100% human standpoint.


To craft a narrative that is not coming off only from an artist's standpoint, I started looking into AI text generators.

The process was like this: after I finish writing the sentence, AI would continue writing the next sentence and return to me to continue.

Typing the excerpt from The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka -“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.” - the AI would reply with random sentences, but the randomness just made me smile a lot along the way.

After we drafted a narrative I made it into a short video of a fly to encapsulate the randomness and quirks but at the same time to convey the tragic feeling of a protagonist suddenly becoming a fly and feeling disgusted by himself.

Orchestrating all the simple inspirations that I had during the conversation, I designed the scenes and the 3d props, as well as the music. 


As Loop DEEPEST Fly was a small project and it was shared through a google drive folder to be transferred around.

Together with a video file, I uploaded a script which was a continued conversation between me and the text generator. I have developed it into a
︎︎︎movie script that is too random to even be executed.

(But to be frank, the randomness of our conversation was deep enough to be a movie script to me..)