Art direction





project type Video Art, Installation Art
year 2019

The traditional understanding of humanism and naturalism needs further refurbishment. Recent philosophical works have questioned the sole human role of subjectivity that forms the core of ‘humanism’ in our human history. Furthermore, contemporary queer theories also argue the glorification of nature could be debatable due to its non-inclusiveness to non-binaries.

As art has encapsulated the notion of humanism and naturalism the most throughout the centuries, I wanted to experiment with a different artmaking method, that suggests a new multiplicity of viewpoints and an exploration of non-human intelligence, agency, and subjectivity — to think about a tool/platform that works on these discrepancies.

One of the ideas that I always had in the back of my mind, was to create a script in collaboration with an AI text generator. While conceptualizing the project, I tested using OpenAI lab’s AI language system to develop a script.

After going through some exercises with the AI, I figured that the most effective process could be: alternating the writing of the script per sentence.

Typing the famous excerpt from The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka -“As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect.” - the AI replied with sentences which I could add on to continue the story.

Based on the script we wrote, I started to come up with visuals and music to enhance the storytelling experience. Looking at the narrative, the flow did not develop into a traditionally compelling story with tragedy. But rather, it felt like an endless loop in the moment of realization. Getting inspired to work the visuals around the idea of a loop, I started to come up with a 3d animation that could deliver the idea and the feeling of being stuck in the loop. The main objects were intertwined loop looking like an intestine and the tree that grows to have its branch and the root conjoined.

Fianl english script


The first scene captures the repetitive walk of a fly on the loop, showing that it is trapped in it. The music was composed to deliver the melancholic emotion of it. Soon after, the close-up of the fly’s body as the background, the narration starts. And with the sudden strike of a note, conveys the feeling of shock finding out a protagonist suddenly has become a fly with hairy legs. The tree that grows to have its root and the branch conjoined appears, also communicating the panicking moment that the protagonist will have. And with the scene from the fly’s pov the video ends in a loop.

The work was shown with a small sculpture of a loop with a QR code attached to the floor. Even though it was exhibited in a gallery space, I decided to circulate the work through a QR code link for people to watch the video on their phone, whenever they feel like it.