Art direction



Multiple Moons Project


project type Creative Web Project
year 2018

m + Video Festival
Multiple Moon Project is a creative web project using javascript, html and css. 

It collects the image data (image of a moon) from the visitors, and disperses them into a web screen as a constellation.


Even though it was on the web, I had no intention to make it slick and clean. Rather, I wanted to make this project more tactile and analog.

So the flow of the website consisted of 2 pages: the input and display page. When viewers submit their cropped moon images, it saves into the image library and is placed randomly on the display page.

To build the upload function, initially, I used node.js and crafted the small section on the input page. However, for the efficiency of the page and to avoid glitches that occurred from the main hosting web page of this project, it was replaced with a third-party image collating function.

For the display page, I used javascript to randomly place the images every 2 seconds while adding the blinking animations to mimic the shining stars.

To make the entire experience poetic, I drew out the instructions, wrote out all the words that were needed, and have them on the screen. As it was not possible to have the files to be automatically uploaded to the display page, it needed a ‘librarian’ who takes the image library files to the display page codes. Admittedly, it was a failure in coding which didn’t come up to be excruciating. Rather, I thought about making this entire project more human, embracing the failures we have.

Not everything on the web needs to be clean and perfect.