Art direction





project type Video Art
year 2021

Big Duck Music
Vinyl of the Day

Athens International Film + Video Festival

Neo-Punggol is about virtual and real-world violence in the urban landscape. This 4-minute video is composed of:

  • Violence happening in the entertainment media (gaming, Hollywood movies and etc)

  • History of the cities made with protests and wars

  • Violence captured in videos usually reported on non-mainstream news channels

  • Urban design companies’ promotional videos of how they portray human lives within their landscapes

  • Videos of totalitarian national events


The ask from the Ujikaji Record was to create a music video of George’s new music called Neo-Punggol. The process was somewhat free-style, and flexible as I collected the relevant footages following the listing of above, and patched them through the beats and sections of the music. 

I enjoyed seeing how different footages bring out the different dimension of the music and expand the conversation from past and present, virtual and real, utopianism and reality.  


Neo-Punggol was featured in various platforms, and it was interesting to see how it is being reviewed from different perspectives.

Here are some I really appreciate:

“scenes of virtual and real-world violence with visions of a new Asian urbanism, illuminating the themes of utopia, violence and information warfare which permeate [the album]”

“a thrilling audiovisual collage that serves as commentary for the global information war we live in – a manic reflection of our over-saturated world.”

“Paired with a spellbinding video directed by mixed media artist Yeyoon Avis Ann, the track anchors itself contextually in the language of violence.With its abrupt shifts in tempo, its rhythms pulsate and spill over one another – much like the information war it reflects, its audiovisual density creates a sense of relentless overload, grinding down on the listener.“
 “With a dramatic visual collapse, conflict returns, and like machine guns the track falls apart again, as Ann’s found footage collides into a new maelstrom of sound, mobs enraged and unleashed eventually dissolving the track into an amorphous whole. With each cycle towards utopia comes more tension preparing to boil over, waiting for the correct moment to attack.”