Outdoor Blu


project type Installation, Video, Music
year 2019

Exhibited at
Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore,
Supernormal Gallery Singapore

Outdoor Blu encapsulates the experience of an international individual who is unable to belong anywhere and instead starts to see the world as seeing images on the internet.


I have difficulties finding the right and logical way to talk about something, so I wished to speak through this multisensorial artwork about the feeling. 

There was a crucial premise of this artwork, which is that digital images are recognized as physical objects, like papers. From this, the video delivers the story through 4 different parts:

1) Intro
A narrator (fish) speaks about how s/he swims through the images every day and looks at them. To him/her, the world is seen as a bunch of digital images.

2) Frustration
The images of a city with painfully vibrant lights explain that they are just like the images: great facade, but hollow inside. The feeling is intense, it’s as if the images are screaming. It feels like a hollow wail.

3) A wish
A protagonist wishes for the erasure of the threshold that divides inside and outside of the image layers.

4) Swimming
A protagonist wishes the image layer to be liquified and wishes to dive into it.

As the aim of the work was to deliver the feeling, I started by making music to encapsulate the emotion. And after making images that are in line with the direction of the video. I started orchestrating the images based on the music flow.

To intensify the experience of an outsider, I prepared a weirdly big printout of a swimming pool texture file, and a swimming pool chair on top of it for the people to sit in uneasy feelings.