Art direction



n Entities


project type Installation, Curation
year 2018

Exhibited at
Small hut in Jeju island, Korea

“To identify each individual in a mass. To not disregard their existence conflating into a homogenous whole.”

Though it took more than a year to develop this entire body of work, the idea that penetrates throughout the whole process remains in the simplest form.

We see many crowd images in news media, often about wars, riots, busy streets, or national events. As opposed to how it roughly estimates the number of a crowd, the gesture of taking time to count individuals one by one alludes to our eyes taking time to appreciate each individual in the image.


The actual making of work started from 2017 to mid-2018. While delving into the topic of individuation and how to define individuality, I read from Simondon to even quantum theory. One thing I picked up that defining individuality can come from other than spatio-temporal location and primitive this-ness, towards something more feasible and constantly fluctuating. As Simondon puts it, ‘it must be produced, it must coagulate, or come into being, in the course of an ongoing process'.

Instead of the hard definition of the individual, I started to link it as an intangible ‘territory’ - without being hung up to define what each individuality means, just identifying as a territory that holds a space.

From this, I started a gesture of counting in various ways and produced a good body of work. After my friend had taken a look at the works, he suggested curating a show back in Korea during a long summer holiday.

We found a well-maintained hut near a small cafe in Jeju, Korea, and asked the owner if we could host a show for 3 weeks. After he agreed, we stayed at the space so many days and nights trying to figure out the best arrangement for the flow.



project type Installation, Curation
year 2018

Rustle was part of this exhibition but was installed outside. The work was made of numerous cut plastic bags tied onto a net, which altogether make a rustling sound whenever the wind blows.

This represents the relation between individuals and a mass, how individuals form a mass while rustling into one another.